At Immanuel High School we have the unique opportunity to proclaim Christ in our pursuit of excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, and relationships. Our mission is to equip students to serve God and neighbor with mind, body and soul, based on a Christ-centered foundation. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to building an educational environment that fosters growth from a Biblical world-view. We are committed to motivating and encouraging students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and effective communicators.

Students who attend Immanuel High School for four years (grades 9-12) must accumulate a minimum of 250 semester units. Adjustments in unit totals will be made for students who matriculate into IHS after grade 9 depending on curriculum requirements in their former institution(s). In addition, in order to graduate from Immanuel, students must attend IHS full time during their senior year and complete a minimum of 70 units from Immanuel.