Capital Campaign

Immanuel Schools Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

The Building ⋯ Future, Faith, Foundation

Immanuel has served the San Joaquin Valley for over 70 years, educating the whole student and making a significant difference in the lives of our young people, their families, and the communities we serve.

We want to be an intentionally Christ-centered, relevant, and adaptive school providing academic and spiritual programs which prepare students for the demands of a 21st century world.

The Board of Trustees  developed a strategic plan to fulfill this vision. We engaged in a Pre-Campaign Study with The Timothy Group in the summer of 2015. Based on its success, several key findings and their recommendations, the Board of Trustees unanimously agreed that “now is the time” to begin addressing these needs and a Capital Campaign was approved in September 2015.

To address the current and future growth in our student population; we are adding a new facility exclusively designed for our K-6 students. This will enable the Jr. High to have its own facility on the main campus and give each segment of the student population its own identity and space and help us maintain the small class sizes we believe are so important.

This expansive project has 3 phases, that once completed will include:

  • K-6 classrooms to house two classes per grade,
  • a library and media area,
  • a multi-purpose building that will be utilized for chapels, assemblies, music classes, special events, and a cafeteria during inclement weather,
  • well-designed and guarded transportation pick up and drop off locations to enhance student safety.

We know that learning materials, technology aids, and even wonderful facilities are meaningless without properly prepared, competent, and caring teachers in every classroom. We feel that offering a solid, fair compensation package that competes with our public school counterparts is the best way to ensure that we keep the wonderful people we have and attract the highest quality applicants for new positions.

For a period of three years, we are dedicating a portion of the funds raised to “close the salary gap”. We will use this time to find an appropriate long-term funding source to meet this need.

For more information about the campaign, please contact Ron Hudson at 559.351.7565 or 559.638.2529 ext. 105



Why did the Board of Trustees select a new elementary school and teacher compensation as the priorities for the Capital Campaign?

The pre-campaign study reflected that the lmmanuel community ranked these two needs as their top priorities and the Board of Trustees concurred with their conclusion. These two priorities will be phase I of a multi-phase growth initiative.

Why is it now “necessary to enlarge the overall classroom occupancy on campus by adding a new facility exclusively designed for K-6 students?”

  • Our current K-12 campus is impacted due to an over 40% enrollment increase in the past three years. All junior high and high school classrooms are occupied each period, two elementary school portables have been added, and projections indicate a need for additional portables for the 2O16-17 school year.
  • Additionally, relocating the junior high school back to its original campus (the current elementary school site) allows the high school to increase its flexibility in scheduling core classes and electives.
  • Most importantly, each of the three schools will now have their own distinct environment and identity.

What is the design and construction risk-management process for the new elementary school to ensure the project will be within budget and on time?

The project delivery system is a Design-Build and will be managed by the Board of Trustees. The project manager will conduct weekly project meetings with subcontractors and school Ieaders to ensure the project will be within budget and on time. We are in a bidding process now for a majority of the subcontracting work and seeking a portion of the work to be a gift-in-kind donation.

How much in donations/pledges must be committed before construction commences?

The Board of Trustees’ policy for the Capital Campaign is that 85% of the $5M must be committed in cash/pledges and 50% of that amount must be in cash before construction commences.

Will the Capital Campaign impact tuition; impact regular annual giving including the Create An Opportunity Scholarship giving; or incur debt?

No. The capital campaign is not tied to future tuition increases nor will it incur any new long-term debt. We will only build and spend what is received in cash/pledges. Donors are asked to give beyond their regular annual giving including the Create An Opportunity Scholarship giving. The regular annual giving income is part of the annual operating budget.

How will the two priorities be impacted if the entire $5M is not raised?

Donations received will be applied proportionately to each priority.

Given the “need is $5M over the next three years”, what are my giving options?

Donations received will be applied proportionately to each priority.

How do I write my check so it is earmarked for the Capital Campaign?

On the memo line write “Building Fund”.