High School




Class: Yearbook


The yearbook class produces the annual, called the “Torchbearer”.  Concepts of photo layout, elementary page design, copy, graphics, and headings are learned.  Students will be using computers to create the yearbook.  Students will acquire a basic ability to take and compose photographs that will be placed on their assigned pages.

Students chosen for this class will need to have demonstrated good writing skills, imagination, and creativity, along with a high degree of reliability, organization skills, and dedication.

The students will be responsible for selling business ads, meeting deadlines, and accepting responsibilities that accompany the creation of an annual.

Topics to be covered:

A.  First Semester
1.  Computer Instruction
2.  Page Organization
3.  Deadline scheduling
4.  Page Assignments Computer
5.  Theme and cover development
6.  Sales of advertisements
7.  Basic photo instruction and taking yearbook photos
8.  Computer generation of deadlines #1 & #2 (about 72 pages of the book)
9.  Completion of advertising campaign

B.  Second Semester
1.  Computer generation of Deadlines #3-#5
2.  Organization of the school senior goodbye’s….”The Last Edition”
3.  Organize the distribution of the yearbook
4.  Meet as a staff to critique the book and make suggestions for next year
5.  Take applications for next year’s staff
6.  Complete all clean up of computers and individual supply tubs
7.  Finalize finances and bookkeeping items

Additional Classes:

– Computer Applications
– Junior High Woodshop