High School




Class: Spanish III


Spanish III students practice grammar concepts and various verb tenses in a variety of tasks that range from concrete activities that focus primarily on the structures to more open-ended tasks that focus on communication.  Students demonstrate understanding through class presentations, projects, and teaching opportunities.  Book work, support material, grammar, and additional vocabulary continue.

Topics to be covered:

– Childhood, imperfect tense, indirect object pronouns
– Celebrations, common etiquette, preterite and imperfect tenses
– Natural disasters, crisis, past situations and settings
– Accidents, injuries and treatments, irregular preterite
– Television programs and sport events, irregular preterite
– Movie plots and characters, present perfect tense
– Cooking and appliances, impersonal “se,” negative impersonal commands
– Formal commands, uses of “por” – Travel, persent subjective
– Future events, future tense, expressions of doubt

Additional Classes:

– Spanish I
– Spanish II
– Senior Honors English