High School




Class: Spanish II


Spanish II continues to build from materials learned in Spanish I. More complex grammar and vocabulary are introduced allowing students to utilize various modes of communication in a realistic way. Students learn to navigate the preterite tense as they incorporate this grammar form in their lessons and conversations.

Topics to be covered:

– Bedroom items and electronic equipment,
stem changing verbs, comparisons
– Rooms and chores, present progressive tense,
affirmative informal commands
– Clothing, shopping, prices, demonstrative adjectives
– Gifts and accessories, preterite “ar” verbs, things done in the past
– Travel and vacations, preterite “ir” and “er” verbs, personal “a”
– Community service tasks, indirect object pronouns
– Movies and TV programs, acabar + de + infinitive
– Computers and internet, present tense: pedir, servir, saber, conocer
– Classroom rules, stem-changing verbs,
affirmative and negative words
– Getting ready for special events, daily routines, reflexive verbs
– Using adjectives as nouns, demonstrative adjectives, shopping
– Describring purchases, direct object pronouns,
irregular preterite verbs
– Giving directions, irregular present progressive,
irregular affirmative commands

Additional Classes:

– Spanish I
– Spanish III
– Senior Honors English