High School




Class: Spanish I


This course is an introduction to the Spanish language. Building through vocabulary and grammar expansion, students learn to communicate ideas and meanings for real purposes. Daily vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking exercises help students synthesize the meaning and intent of the Spanish language.

Topics to be covered:

– Greetings, numbers, body parts, introductions, alphabet, weather, time, seasons
– Activities, likes, dislikes, infinitives, negatives, expressing agreement
– Personality traits, adjectives to descrive people, articles, word order
– School schedules and subjects, subject pronouns, present tense “ar” verbs
– Classroom itmes, location of things plurals of nouns and articles, “ester”
– Meals, how often something is done, present tense “ir” and “er” verbs
– Food, health, choices, plurals of adjectives, “ser”
– Coummnity locations, leisure activities, asking quesitons, the verb “ir”
– Activities outside schools, ir + a + infiinitive, “jugar”
– Families, ages, celebrations, possession, possessive adjectives, “tener”
– Family descriptions, ordering a meal, “venir”

Additional Classes:

– Spanish II
– Spanish III
– Senior Honors English