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Class: Senior Bible

Don Knaak

Don Knaak

H.S. Bible


Senior Bible takes on the study of several key New Testament books- I John, Romans, & Revelation.  These deal with one’s relationship with God as well as man’s relationship with God in the end times and eternity. Also, we look at the hard questions of life- is there a God, what about suffering, etc.  Lastly, we study how the Bible relates to life in our relationships.

Additional Classes:

  • – I John – ‘that we may know that we know God’.
  • – Christian relationships.
  • – Courting
  • – Personality Styles
  • – Revelation- the grand finale of God’s plan for man and earth.
  • – Romans- God’s plan of salvation.
  • – Apologetic- looking at life’s hard questions.
  • – Christian Marriage- what does it take to have a great marriage.