Junior High




Class: Language Arts

Heidi Ayers

Heidi Ayers

Jr. High English, H.S. ESL


This course is designed to expand student’s exposure and experience with reading, writing, and language.  The course is designed to meet the California Common Core Standard while adding a faith-based foundation.

Topics to be covered:

  • – Reading Literature – students will read 4 class novels over the semester as well as several other “free choice” novels
  • – Reading Information Text will be added to enhance the understanding of the 4 class novels as well as information on several other topicsWriting Instruction – students will be asked to complete various writing tasks ranging from personal response, informative, research, and narrative writing.
  • – Speaking and Listening – Students will be asked to give “How to” speeches as well as participate in classroom discussions
  • – Language – spelling, vocabulary, grammar in writing and speaking