High School




Class: Calculus



“Mathematics is the language that God used to write the universe.”  This quote from Galileo expresses the goal of all the math courses I teach at Immanuel.   Mathematics is a gift from God to man that allows men to grasp His rationality.   Adv. Math is actually Precalculus and the course is designed to prepare the student for calculus.  The big idea is for the student to begin to understand functions numerically (with actual data), graphically and analytically (with equations).  Real world applications by means of modeling will be incorporated for each function.

Topics to be covered:

First Semester

Functions – notation, solving, graphing, interpreting and modeling withd

– Constant Functionsd

– Linear Functionsd

– Quadratic Functionsd

– Cubic Functiond

– Reciprocal Functiond

– Greatest Integer Functiond

– Exponential Functiond

– Power Functiond

– Logarithmic Functiond

– Logistics Function

Second Semester

Trigonometry  (The Sine and Cosine Function)

– Angle Measurementsd

– Trig Ratiosd

– Trig Identitiesd

– Right Triangle Trigonometryd

– Trigonometry for any angled

– Trigonometry for all real numbersd

– Applications of Trigonometry