High School




Class: AP Microeconomics

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas

B.A. in History from Fresno State
Master of Divinity from Multnomah University

H.S. Bible, AP World History, AP Economics


In AP Microeconomics students are taught the principles of microeconomics to prepare them for the AP exam.  This class uses the “flipped” classroom method where students watch lectures for homework and work on assigments in class.  Students are taught to analyze graphs, charts, and theory.

Topics to be covered:

  • – The Market Systems and circular flow
  • – Comparative advantage
  • – Supply and Demand
  • – Price Ceilings/Floors
  • – Production Costs
  • – Individual Firms
  • – Perfect Competition
  • – Monopoly
  • – Monopolistic Competition
  • – Oligopoly
  • – Factor Markets
  • – Public Goods, Externalities
  • – Public Choice Theory and Taxes