High School




Class: AP Macroeconomics

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas

B.A. in History from Fresno State
Master of Divinity from Multnomah University

H.S. Bible, AP World History, AP Economics


In AP Macroeconomics, students are taught the principles of macroeconomics to prepare them for the AP exam.  This class uses the “flipped” classroom method where students watch lectures for homework and work on assigments in class.  Students are taught to analyze graphs, charts, and theory.

Topics to be covered:

  • – Basic Economics
  • – Comparative Advantage
  • – Supply and Demand
  • – GDP/ National Income
  • – Inflation/ Business Cycle/ Unemploment
  • – Consuption/Saving/Multiplier
  • – Aggregrate Expenditures
  • – Supply and demand shocks
  • – Long run supply and Demand
  • – Fiscal Policy
  • – Money Supply
  • – Monetary Policy
  • – Crowding out Effect, Loanable Funds/ Phillips
  • – Trade and barriers/ Exchange Rates