High School




Class: AP Chemistry


“Science is thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”  This quote from Johannes Kepler beautifully expresses the goal of all the science courses I teach at Immanuel.  My desire is for the student to understand that we are studying God’s works and thinking His thoughts.  AP Chemistry is equivalent to a first year college chemistry course.  The pace will be brisk.  We will review General Chemistry in September and then will concentrate on Solution Chemistry, Acid/Base Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Bonding, Kinetics, Equilibrium and Electrochemistry

Topics to be covered:

– Review of General Chemistry
– Spectroscopy
– Bonding
– Solids, Liquids and Intermolecular Forces
– Solutions and Colligative Properties
– Kinetics
– Equilibrium
– Electrochemistry

Additional Classes:

– Algebra 2
– Advance Math
– Calculus
– Physics