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Class: Algebra 2

Karin Deaver

Karin Deaver

H.S. Math


“Mathematics is the language that God used to write the universe.”  This quote from Galileo expresses the goal of all the math courses I teach at Immanuel.   Mathematics is a gift from God to man that allows men to grasp His rationality.  Algebra  is a branch of mathematics dedicated to solving equations.   In Algebra 2 we will be studying functions (notation, graphing, solving).  Functions that will be considered are polynomial functions (with a special emphasis on quadratics), radical functions, logarithmic and exponential functions and conic sections.   The TI-83 or TI-84 calculator are used extensively in this course.

Topics to be covered:

– Polynomial Functions – solving, graphing, modeling

– Quadratic Function – solving, graphing, modeling, factoring

– Exponential Functions – rules for exponents, solving and modeling

– Logarithmic Functions – rules, notation, solving, problems solving

– Conic Sections – solving, graphing