High School




Class: US History

Mark Hayward

Mark Hayward

Wheaton College BA
California Teaching Credential (Life)

World History, U.S. History


This course will be a review of our nation’s journey, from its origins to present day.  We will strive to teach from a Biblically centered point of view.  We will lay out our accomplishments — and also acknowledge low points, all the while with a goal of instilling a deeper and more meaningful patriotism in each student.

Topics to be covered:

– Discovery of America

– Colonial Era

– Revolutionary War

– Constitution

– Lewis & Clark

– War of 1812

– Going West

– Mexican/American War

– Slavery

– Civil War

– Native American Saga

– Industrial Revolution

– Immigration (Family Tree!)

– Imperialism


– Roaring 20’s

– Great Depression

– New Deal


– Post

– War America

– Recent History